Friday, July 21, 2006

Pond is in

W got his pond. As he drifted off to sleep last night he whispered to me, "Mama, thank you for digging my pond. This was a good day."

See we have been moving around a preformed pond liner for years, I mean YEARS! Over 9 of them. Once we had our first child we did not want to put it in because of safety reasons, but now that our youngest is an avid pond lover and building water features it was time to dig that hole.

It only took a few hours, and it wasn't too hot outside to do it. We placed it near the garage for electricity purposes and under a pine tree, not the best place but it looks so lovely tucked in there. (Post picture here when camera batteries are found!)

We had to clear a bunch of weeds to get to work and some of them were of coarse my favorite weed, POISON IVY!

I am already suffering a rash from one I pulled a few days ago, so this time I used my shovel and just dug under all the plants and piled them up. Later when we move the yard cart I can just pile them in there.

The soil here was very dig friendly, especially under the pine, soft and somewhat sandy. We got the pond in and filled and rocks surrounding part of the edges just by using what we had on the land. We even found some little rocks on the side of the house to put in the bottom and the kids had fun throwing them in one by one and of coarse putting their feet in the pond.

We discussed once we bought a filter and fish, W wants some fish, we can not put our feet in. We are buying feeder goldfish, I figure those buggers are hard to kill from experience and super cheap so if they do die it's not a big budget cruncher!

We are leaving this morning to go back to the Old Scatterville, we will be working on the trim outside, and R on the electricity so the next time we go down we will be able to drywall. We are really not looking forward to going, no one is. Except for the opportunity to grab those items we didn't bring in the big truck like the toaster, alarm clock, bush trimmers, closet shelves etc. Also to pick from the garden, Tomatoes should be exploding since they just started turning red as we left two weeks ago, and the Zinnias were beautiful so we'll pick a bouquet of them also. It's got to be done though so it can be sold some time in the future!