Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Snow

We have been waiting for it.  The first snow.  The leaves have all been shed or at least are brown now and we have been waiting for the next big thing.  Around here that is snow, snow, snow.
First snow

It snowed pretty hard while my daughter and I were running errands. Then it melted.  Then it snowed again. Now it's melted.

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes!

At least the cat has prepared.
Winter kitty
He has went from being the non stop outside cat, to the laying around on the couch all day cat in a matter of days.
Winter is almost here.  We are all ready.

Monday, October 29, 2012


We have a wonderful Community Arts Center and they have a clay studio that is open to members to use in a co-op capacity.  After spending that last month, rearranging, test firing a kiln and other housekeeping things, I finally got to make pots. Bowls.  My stock at home has been broken.

Fresh bowls
 So while the children were sleeping this weekend I slipped up to the studio to start a glaze fire in the kiln and after struggling with our clay all week I finally got some bowls made. 

Trimmed bowls

Since the room was so warm from firing the kiln I was able to trim them the same day.  Always a bonus.  My favorite days as an undergraduate were those warm Kansas Spring Days when I could throw, put the pot out in the sunshine and a few hours later trim them.

Studio partner

My partner in clay.  He comes with me whenever he can. I am teaching him everything I know.  He helps load the kilns, unload the kilns, checks the cone pads, how to throw, slab build.  If there is one thing I can imprint upon my children it is everything I know about clay, and while it's not that much, it's enough to get them started if they choose.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting lost...

I have a favorite passion.  I have had this since I was late teen and early twenties.  I love dirt roads.  I want to know where they go and often drive down them just to find out.  When we heard there was a dirt road close to home that has amazing trees we had to go.  It did not disappoint.  One of the best roads I've headed down, although later on our trip we headed down many other dirt roads and were lost, but we also "found" some great places we didn't know existed.




Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Our Autumns are beautiful.  I have only lived one other place with beautiful autumns and that place had mountains and aspens.  I think this little piece of earth puts on a better show.

We filed into the car and went driving.  Our goal was to capture the fall and see our big lake.  I can not explain my love for the big lake but the moment I see it, all in my soul is set right.



Fall on the Canal.





Mission accomplished.