Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Our Kitchen

Yes, I did say this house was move in ready. We would not need to do anything to it. know me (or maybe you don't) I can not leave well enough alone. I move in and start cruising through my many back issues of Home Companion, Natural Home, Dwell, just looking for paint colors. I am a painting fool. And a cheap one at that. I love the Oops cans at Home Depot. LOL

So here is what the kitchen looked like last week.

Well I have a love for a certain shade of red paint and the last time I bought it, it wasn't just right. It didn't matter we painted one of the walls in the old scatterville with it and it was ok. Well I had 1 gallon of it left in the old place and I knew if I used grey primer it wouldn't need more then two coats and the kitchen is small. So here it is, I learned how to spackle and repair plaster cracks in the walls and the results I think look great.

We've had an exciting week. Ok maybe busy is the right word. K and W went to garage sales on Saturday morning with me and we bought T a ton of pants for fall the kind you zip off to make shorts, his favorite. K bought two beautiful dresses to wear with her piggy bank money and some flip flops. She has been wearing them non stop even despite the fact that it's been over 100 here and one of the dresses is long sleeved. W perservered, and finally found a Kerplunk marble game. K found a big picnic basket and a straw hat.

R and I spent the weekend putting everything away. It felt great to have the kitchen organized and put away. Then we lugged the giant bookcase up to the house from the garage and one couch out to the garage. He joked maybe he should make a man cave out there. Marshmellow the cat is happy, he has a place to hang out. That took the entire afternoon unpacking all our books and magazines. Jeez we have a lot of them! The magazines got sorted and put back in boxes to store. Yes I keep back issues of my favorite magazines and as you can see above I actually look through them all the time for ideas for projects, paint colors, decorating, and craft ideas.

Then K came down at some point in the dragging the giant bookcase into the house and was quite upset. She said she had a mouse in her window. We looked up and found it was a bat! Excited we all ran up the stairs to check out the cutie that had wedged it's self between her screen which was not in the right place and the storm window which was raised. He/She spent the whole day there despite kids checking on it all day and window tapping. It flew off after dark. We love bats here, why? We have a TON of mosquitoes here and they eat them. 1,000's of them a night.

Finally the hot weather broke yesterday it was only 90 and the rest of the week it should be in the 80's. Along with this came thunderstorms and I got to check out the screened in porch and watch them come in. It's not the same as the old scatterville getting to watch the storms come across the field behind us but it was still good. I popped out again around 11pm last night with K who was having a tantrum and we got to see the lightning and bats flying back and forth across the street catching bugs in the street light glow.

Our next project? Turn the wood in the garage into a bat house and put it up on the big metal post in the yard!