Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

It's my birthday... I used to always have these expectations, someone else would clean the house, cook dinner, bring me flowers, a cake etc. It never happened. I was always grumpy, crampy (I always seem to be menstrating!) and just plain not fun to be around. Then last year the worst happened. (OK it could have been MUCH worse but still.)

I sat in the very cold house in Scatterville watching them pump 3 feet of water out of the basement. There was no heat because we turned it off for safety. So it was pretty bad. At the same time it was also one of the best birthdays ever. I was surrounded by my friends, and I have the best friends in the world! They bought me flowers, chocolate, wine and made the best chocolate cake ever! They were the best gift I have had, just being surrounded by the love.

So this year, I have been thinking about my problem with birthdays, and I have determined that it is my way of looking at them that makes them so bad. So I expected nothing, absolutely nothing. I knew that R would be in Dallas all day at a conference and I would not have a car. Well already my day has been wonderful. My children are the best ever!

I woke up to an I luv Yoo poster on my wall, and another one Happy Brth Mom. There were little paper chains sprinkled all over the floor. My daughter has been an angel, she woke up with me and then started to do the laundry, and then put all the clean dishes away and reloaded the dishwasher. She had made me a birthday card and two paintings.

W woke and brought me a handmade card that said I love you mom. With a heart chocolate taped to it. T made the card above for me. I am also expecting my Dad to come up today so he can be with me on my birthday. I'm not sure I have been with him for my birthday since College! Yes I think it's been 20 years!

So here's to expecting nothing and getting all the love in the world.