Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trip to Dallas World Aquarium

W sitting in a tank well... he climbed up and said take my picture!

I am so in love with my new camera. Not only will it stop motion on waterfalls (forgot to load that picture) but it takes great pictures of jelly fish!

This is our very patient family waiting for W and I to get our move on. We are usually the ones holding up the movement. Well W is I am just usually with him waiting....... always waiting.....

At this point R and K have moved on and only W and I are on one side of the tank... T on the other, making faces at me to hurry up. I love this one, he's holding his breath like he is actually in the tank. Always funny that one.

Are they not the cutest three kids? We love going to these kind of places and we take our time and explore them all. We are not the family rushing from one exhibit to another, we are the ones that stand in the way of everyone else taking in every fish, stingray, turtle, or broccoli. They fed the saltwater fish broccoli while we were there. This tickled K cause broccoli is her favorite veggie.

This was by far the coolest tank. I only wish the manatees would have come closer so we could have gotten a picture of them. They were so beautiful and gracefull. We enjoyed the giant turtles and catfish.

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