Friday, May 15, 2009

Lego was fun.... traffic not so much

We made it to the Lego store! Yippee for us!

They had an area set up in the mall for kids to build a big block to help make the 8 foot tall R2D2. They had just started it when we were there.

Robert misses his bug...

Tman enjoyed all the displays.

This was the pick a brick wall. You get a cup and you get to fill it up with bricks from the wall. Here Tman is trying to figure out exactly what bricks he needs the most. It took quite some time to try to get them all in the cup and in the end we had to put some back despite having read some tutorials on how to pack a pick a brick cup.

So the way home we were trucking along and then hit.... traffic. I hate traffic. It is the one thing I hate about living in a huge metroplex, and it is that reason that I try never to go far from home unless I can return around 3pm. We were on the way home at 4. We sat for quite a while. Finally when we got close enough to our part of town we pull off the highway, all car sick from the stop and go, and me with a splitting headache. I was lucky enough to be driving, if I had been a passenger I would have gotten sick. W fell asleep before we hit the stalled and stop and go traffic and that was great cause he is the most car sick of all of us.

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