Monday, October 29, 2012


We have a wonderful Community Arts Center and they have a clay studio that is open to members to use in a co-op capacity.  After spending that last month, rearranging, test firing a kiln and other housekeeping things, I finally got to make pots. Bowls.  My stock at home has been broken.

Fresh bowls
 So while the children were sleeping this weekend I slipped up to the studio to start a glaze fire in the kiln and after struggling with our clay all week I finally got some bowls made. 

Trimmed bowls

Since the room was so warm from firing the kiln I was able to trim them the same day.  Always a bonus.  My favorite days as an undergraduate were those warm Kansas Spring Days when I could throw, put the pot out in the sunshine and a few hours later trim them.

Studio partner

My partner in clay.  He comes with me whenever he can. I am teaching him everything I know.  He helps load the kilns, unload the kilns, checks the cone pads, how to throw, slab build.  If there is one thing I can imprint upon my children it is everything I know about clay, and while it's not that much, it's enough to get them started if they choose.

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