Monday, May 08, 2006


The kids swiped the batteries from my camera to use in the Game boy so there are no pictures of the walls today, but I give you a one room building on the way to town we came across going wandering down dirt roads. One of my favorite past times. There are Turkey Vultures roosting on the chimney.

One of the things people ask me when I announce we are moving is what do the kids think. I really have to answer that they are quite excited to find a new house, one that has a bedroom for each of them. We have lived in such a way for the last year that they don't even have a space to go when they want to be alone and they are all looking forward to that.

We have not heard back from my dad yet, but he is planning on coming down next week to help us finish the electricity in this house. We are going to be working on this house in a fevered pitch for the end of May. We framed one bedroom yesterday and hopefully will get the other one framed tomorrow. These are the last walls we need to build. There is not to much in the grand scheme of things left to do. Replace 5 windows and decide what to do with the outside, siding or painting. It is still a ton of work.

We look forward to visiting our new "Scatterville" some time next week also to look for a new house. We hope to find a four bedroom with two toilets. Although if we need to put in a new one, we have totally been there and done that.

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