Thursday, June 22, 2006

pictures of home

Here is what we have been working on. We removed all the old siding on the back of the house as all the windows and the sliding door are all new so there were holes in the siding from the old windows. We decided that it would look better to take them all down and rehang them so they were staggered correctly and use our new replacement boards. We got some of the work done Tuesday, getting it up to the windows where we need to make cuts with a jig saw we killed earlier in the year. This is the left side of the house above.

And this is the right side of the sliding glass door.

R is working hard at getting the cuts just right to nail them into the studs. He's very good at this, I just guess he actually measures.

The kids were very good at doing their own thing, they are always great at this, sometimes we need to step in when they start fighting but they come up with good things to do. W is sitting at the base of where we are working building shelters to make the house strong so tornadoes won't blow it over. Either that or nailing old nails into the dirt with a rock.

K and T decided to do the smart thing since it was near 100 that day and swam for two hours in our pool which is set up just 10 feet from the wall we were working on. The occassional splash helped keep us cooled off.

We tried to work yesterday after spending the morning/afternoon in the city, but it was so hot! After dinner we decided to drive to the next small city and get a jigsaw to cut the house boards but as we were driving home the thunderstorms started all over again. I did manage to pull some nails out of the side of the house before the lightning scared me off.

R went into town this morning to go to some meetings, and pick up scaffolding to get to the top parts of the house. I was going to work on things outside, scraping, priming etc. but it is raining very hard right now. I guess I'll work on packing instead. I hate packing.

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