Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Here it is. R fell in love with it the moment he stepped in and while the kids and I were still dreaming of the farm house, I have to say this house was the most beautiful house we had seen yet. There is no way I could have said no. It does only have three bedrooms but we'll just have to bunk up kids until we can add one in the basement. The purple paint may have to go fairly quick but besides that there is nothing I would change except maybe adding a shower to the little tiny master bath.

As you can see this is a very big two car garage. Can you say Ceramic studio? All my stuff that is in storage will go right in here and I'll I need is clay and I will be in business. The gardens surrounding it are gorgeous and the yard is very nice grass. There is even a concrete pad for the kids to ride scooters and bikes.
We are debating making a second studio for R in the other side since he hope to only have one car, our lovely beater van. We don't need to garage keep it that is for sure!

What a great shot of the leaded glass windows in the dining room. There is a matching one in the entry way. It's just beautiful.

Oh and you really couldn't say no once we found this little play house deep in the greenery in the back yard. Surrounded by raspberries, daylilies, ferns and flowers of all kinds. It is also under the biggest lilac tree. My personal favorite. K is planning paint colors and an addition already. A bonus is we have six very small working windows with screens in our basement right now that were waiting for a playhouse to put them in.

The yard continues to have suprises that just bowl me over. I was morning the loss of our strawberry patch in our current home, but this one has an even bigger patch. It has a place for other veggies and fruits and is already planted. Bonus, there is no crab grass or wheat growing in it! There are two cherry trees full of fruit, a Hydranga bush, Clematis, and tons of my other favorite plants. I feel like I'll I will need to do is a little sprinking of my favorites that are missing around the yard and it will be complete. I was going to be many years before I felt that way about any of the previous gardens. There is even a lovely place to put W's pond behind the play house buried in the gardens.

This is the living room, lots of great light. Very large room for us and space to spread out. The kitchen has new cabinets in it, although not many. We may need to do some rearranging at some point to add more but for now it is very functional. The huge window over the sink looks out in the awesome back yard and opens out for great conversations with the people outside. (Ok for yelling, stop hitting your brother/sister type conversations) A huge bonus in my book and R's for that matter. It has a dishwasher. We have had to buy three dishwashers for the last three houses we have lived in. Finally we don't need to.

On the main floor there is also a nice size Master Bedroom with the tiniest bathroom I have ever seen. It is just large enough for a toliet and minature sink. You could over shoot that thing brushing your teeth. Next to it however is a walk in closet that we could go into and install a shower to make it complete. The closet would be very small then but currently the only shower is a 50's shower kit in the basement.

Upstairs there is a landing of about 10 by 8 that will perfect for the kids toys and tv room. On both sides of that are bedrooms, one for K and one for "the brothers". There is also a full bathroom that is a very nice size with lots of built in's and a bathtub with two huge windows over looking the back yard.

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