Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Very Good Idea

I have a very small kitchen, I love it but it is very small. While I was back in the old scatterville, visting a friend I noticed she had a notebook full of recipes. Now I have never had a recipe box, too many papers. I have had a notebook full of print out from the computer but there were never organized. I loved her idea and started my own recipe notebook.

In this book I only copy my favorites, you know that ones you make at least once a month, but have to dig through all the cookbooks to find the only recipe you use out of it? I actually threw away four old cookbooks that were falling apart after taking my favorites out of them.

Now instead of having all my Cook's Country and Food Everyday magazines in my kitchen cabinets along with my 20 cookbooks, I have one notebook. Everything else now lives in my bookcase, where it should.

Update on my health, well my ear is now swollen twice it's size and I can not hear out of it at all despite being on antibiotics, ear drops, decongestant, Advil and tylenol. My face is numb from what my doctor explained as the swollen ear compression a blood vein on the side of my face. Needless to say I am not doing much today.

I do start my Ceramics class tonight, and hope I can get myself souped up enough to be alive and awake.

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