Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Moving day

Well we are taking the slow and long approach to moving. The truck got here on Friday. It sat until later Saturday after our garage sale and then we started loading it. Finally Tuesday afternoon we got it full and pack up. We actually used 1 foot less then what we said we would use. The company is coming to pick up the trailer this afternoon. We stayed in a hotel last night, the thought of a nice cool room with tv and a bed sounded so good compared to our hot house, with no beds, and tiny tv. Well the room was hot but cooled off quickly, the kids wanted to swim, which we did for a while before I declared exhausted was not good for being a life guard.

The bed would have been good but in my Queen I had W, K, the dog and everyone had to have their feet touching me, including the dog! So I did not have much room and woke every hour on the hour.

The roofers did get started on the roof here, and we lucked out that the two layers of cedar roofing under the bad asphalt was in perfect condition and could be reused with the shingles right over it saving us from having to pay for sheeting, or even tar paper. That should save us several thousand dollars and many days work also. They are shingling the back already and should have the house done by closing on Friday. That leaves the gutter guy to put on the gutters.

We are leaving tomorrow, Thursday and heading for the "old scatterville" we were planning on working on it but we are so totally exhausted I don't believe we will be doing anything but resting until Sunday when we drive for Texas and our "new" scatterville. We close on it on Monday morning.

I'll try to update some more once we get there, and unpacked a bit. Keeping my same email address so drop me a line anytime.

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Tara said...

It's good to hear all of this news from you! The old Scatterville is looking great. And the kids and I were so excited to see the pics of you and your kids. Good luck with the rest of the moving... it really is exhausting!