Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Old Scatterville Update

I have pictures of first Scatterville home being updated. We have two finished bedrooms, two finished bathrooms, mostly finished living area and kitchen.

This is half of the living room. The green color is lovely, the floors still need refinished but the trim and paint is mostly done. The clutter is mostly gone being moved to another house.

This is half of the master bedroom, almost done, just the window left to be painted and the floors again.

This is the other side of the masterbedroom looking out into the living room.

This is the second bedroom all but done except for a little touch up of paint and of coarse the wood floors refinished.

This is another view of the second bedroom, with the lighting that is throughout the house. We chose to keep the walls 8 feet high only so that the heater located in the floor in the middle of the house could be blown through all the rooms with a commercial grade ceiling fan. It works like a charm.

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