Saturday, October 18, 2008

Civil War Days

Our Homeschool group went to a civil war day activity where they had "actors" who told us about different areas in the civil war time. Some of these included, a field nurse, cooks, a medicine man, soldiers, spinners, weavers, blacksmiths, and teachers. Although we found out that in the time of the civil war there were no public schools or even one room school houses. Instead most students were taught at home.
It was a very enjoyable day, the perfect weather and I spent the entire day before hand bent over my sewing machine finishing K's bonnet and apron so she could dress the part.

This is the kids before the shot off the cannons for us.

Here they are loading it up. It was very dangerous work and VERY LOUD when they shot it off. The other students who were there were all 8th graders from local middle schools and the girls would scream every time they shot it off. That was every 15 minutes. So glad I never had to relive being an 8th grader.

And W.. listening to the very scary teacher. He was a big man and very strict. The children had to stand when called upon and he was just huge over W. He did tell us that very wealthy families who were planning on sending their children on to University sent their children to private schools, usually held in a local church.

On other news....
We sent R off today to the old Scatterville by himself. It didn't really take much convincing. All it took was a trip to Home Depot last weekend to look at decking for the tree house, and the children to do their, I'm so bored lets pick on each other like crazy so mom and dad can't think thing. They have this down to a science after all the time they have spent in Home Depot. Sad really, they start the moment we walk through the doors.

So it would be much quicker, and stress free if he went by himself. Plus putting three kids, sheets, blankets (it's cold up there!) and two dogs in the car for a two day trip sounded hard. He is going to drain all the plumbing lines, put RV antifreeze in the pipe traps (it is good to -50!), drain the water heater, clear out the water to the dishwasher, fridge and clean them out and shut them off. Then he'll turn off all the power. This is the first year we have closed it down for the winter, but after last years propane bill, heater troubles etc. I wonder why we didn't do it last year! $800 to heat a home you don't even visit. Ouch. So this year we will head up there around spring break, maybe redo the wood floors and get it back on the market.

I hope beyond hope that either the markets have changed or there is some financing changes that will help people buy our little cute home in the middle of no where. Maybe just maybe gas will stay cheap too! Yah, I'm dreaming.

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