Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pumpkins, compost and corn

The pumpkins have been planted in the back corner of the yard. I realize it is mostly shaded, and the soil back there is crap but I just had to try. We made mounds of potting soil and planted, jumbos, pie pumpkins and regular pumpkins. They have already began to pop up. We are hoping that we can have a renegade pumpkin patch much like Hagrid's in the Harry Potter movies.

The compost bin is now operational although not pretty. I refuse to pay $7 each for stakes for the panels to hold them up so my attempt at using the sticks we had are evident. It works for now and in the mean time I can hope to come along a pile of stakes in someones garbage bin like my pots that I picked up last week. There is a HUGE amount of leaves on the other side to use in composting and my layered garden beds. We just hope they are used up by the next time the leaves fall.

Speaking of which this is my temporary potting bench. It was a work bench in the shed, but we took it out because it just was not functioning for what we needed it for. Storage. Outside however it is a great work area. It is not currently connected to the shed however so that is on the to do list. Attach and level workbench and paint it with exterior grade paint.

The black pot is one of the many pots I found in the trash last week, there are about 10 more. This one we planted some carrots in.

I also planted some early sweet corn in the spot in the garden where the peppers once were. I am really out of seeds to plant (most are from a year or two ago anyway) so I'm off to find some great heirloom things to grow.

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