Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

Saturday while the rest of the midwest was expecting snow, blizzard like conditions it was supposed to be cold here. You know grab your parkas, gloves and hats. R and I laugh to ourselves in our longsleeves. Cold to us is when the snot freezes in your nose. It was not cold. Sunday it rebounded into the 70's and K, W and I headed to the local u-pick farm for the first round of their strawberries.
It was our first time u-picking and it was a blast. We will have to go again, once I use up the 5 pounds we came home with.

We have plans to make Strawberry Jelly but first we need jars, lids and other supplies. I already checked two stores, but I guess I need to bite my lip and go into Walmart. Gulp.

I spent the rest of the day digging out all the sod from the new garden bed area and moving it by shovel load to the front yard where the gas guys left a gaping grass free area. I hope that the grass will take and grow in so the bald spot will be gone. I definately got in a work out, that I am afraid I will pay for in aching back later.

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