Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bathroom update

Life is busy. Spring is here and that means projects galore. This weekend we went to Ikea and scored some bathroom cabinets for $30 each. We had to get three because, well we have three bathroom sinks. We only bought one sink however and will have to go back and get the other ones when we are ready for them. We have to get tiles for the floors first.

So remember that bathroom that I started on like a year ago? Here's a refresher:

Well after a year of scraping off wallpaper, and figuring out that there was no way to remove it from the bottom of the walls, we decided to use plywood and just go over it. We still need to fix the corners, but we got everything done now but the plumbing working, and the mirror hung. We want new lights too but that can wait. So here is the new bathroom! (I don't like the paint color either)

We got the old school house back for sale again in Kansas and are excited about it this year. Maybe just maybe we can sell it this time? Let's cross ourselves, our toes, and our nose hairs and maybe just maybe.

I am considering extending spring break for another week so that I can get the other things done around here. I have a garden bed ready to be put together and need to get soil for it. I have to finish painting K's room, which has three walls left to get the second coat on. Then I am sure she will want me to start painting all her furniture too since we bought paint for them. That would be a dresser and bedframe.

Hopefully I can hold off the boys for a few days then I will paint their room...and furniture.
Hmmm and I never did finish that second coat of paint in the hallway. Man, I think I will need more then a week to get all that done.

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Tara said...

Hey, good to see you posting again! I hear I just missed you over spring break. I hope hope hope that your old house sells this time! Everything I've got is crossed for you! :)