Thursday, December 29, 2011


Snow boarding


The day came. I fell and was very tired after just an hour. Then after a long lunch my love and I decided to give it another try.

Our class was attempting to go up the T-Bar. When your snowboarding you are supposed to put the bar between your legs and hold on to the pole and keep you balance on the board while it glides up the hill. Only since we were all learning how to get on it, the T-bar stopped every few seconds for the next boarder to climb on. We watched our classmates who would then lose their balance and fall and get off the lift.

I went first on the T-bar. (That is the lift in the picture above.) I was doing great and got pretty far up then the lift stopped and I went down. Somehow on the way down my ski pants got wrapped around the bolt on the bottom of the lift bar and as I went down I twisted around around and around as I was dragged up the hill. They shut off the lift fairly quickly but as someone came to help me up I explained that my pants were caught, it got a little awkward. How can a stranger help untwist in that area? Instead I suggested I get up and after a little figuring out, I had him undo my bindings so that I could get out of the board. It took a little while for me to unwind the pants from the lift and when I was free I went off to nurse my wounds. (mental ones, not physical) There were about 8 medics at the bottom of the lift. My love told me they were about to go up and help, they thought I was hurt since I was just laying on the hill.

That ended my snowboarding career. We told the kids the story later and they laughed hard. My oldest said, "You mean that was YOU being dragged up the hill? My class was watching that!" Great... good thing I don't get embarrassed easily. The other two did not see it and were really bummed. Our family has a great sense of humor and it has since been dubbed, Mom pulling a Sponge Bob. "I ripped my pants!"

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