Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Winter here to stay?

After a false start a few weeks ago it looks like this might be winter. The ski hill is making snow like crazy, and mother nature is helping along. She gave us 8 wet inches the night before last and then yesterday despite the weathermen saying there would be no significant accumulation it snowed 3 more inches of the finest snow I have ever seen. My youngest was blowing it off the porch rails like dandelion fluff.

So begins a new rhythm to the day of shoveling, brushing, and sanding. Our driveway while not appearing steep in the summer is a mountain in the winter. We have to take a run at it to even get up it a little bit. It is not legal to park on the streets here overnight so making it up that drive is a must.

Plus all that driveway snow make the perfect snow tunnels. I'm sure the kids will be working on this one all winter.

We've been getting some help decorating for the holidays. This little one is quite helpful. I love kittens.

My youngest snapped this photo of Momo playing in the tree. Last night after a flurry of present wrapping she got to help some more. An hour after tucking ourselves in I heard a new sound that I could not place.

You know how that goes, your laying in bed, snuggled up, half asleep when that part of your brain alerts you to something it has never heard before? Then you have to make the decision to get up and see what it is or ignore it. Well I chose to ignore it but then the dog went crying by, whimpering all the way out the dog door.

It was Momo, chasing a bow off of one of the presents. I'm not sure why the dog was upset by this but it was quite funny. My theory is if it entertains Momo then she won't be nibbling on my face trying to wake me.

Working on:
• Finishing up knitting a hat for my oldest son, who hasn't had a new hat knit in over a year.
• Stripping the wallpaper off the studio wall.
• Finish removing plywood placed over 100 year old floors at the stair landing.

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