Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow and More Snow and new Fridge!

Snow! And more snow!

Yes!  More snow!  I love snow.  Not so much when it's brown and melting.  Totally in love with it when it's coming down.  Especially big fat snowflakes!  We got over 18 inches a few days ago and today we have gotten another four so far.

Unfortunately this means the snowmobilers are out in full force.  They are perfectly fine in the day, I know they love to play in snow as much as I do, but from midnight on?  Please, go to bed people!  Snowmobile in the morning!  Really?  You need to out on the trails this late?  For those of you who do not have snowmobiles in your area it sounds like a pack of motorcycles, or a pack of leaf blowers, only they don't move on from your neighborhood because the trail goes around town.  So they just drive around and around or so it sounds.  All night.  I mean it, all night!

Newest kitchen appliance

Now for fun.  We got a new fridge yesterday!  It was really hard to pick out "the one!"  We are planning out our remodel this summer and we know we need to fit it in a small opening.  Less then 36 inches.  It will also be up against a wall which means the door won't fully open.  That meant that side by sides were out.  My love dislikes top freezers so we went this this one.  I had no idea online that this thing was so TALL!  Seriously.  My daughter and I had a conversation today with the door open.  "This thing is really big!"  "Yes it is!"  "Can we even reach the top shelf?" "Not really." "But the veggies are right in your face and pretty." "Yuck"

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