Thursday, March 01, 2012

My Birthday.

Last week we celebrated my birthday.  I learned a few years ago that the best way to have a great birthday is to not have any expectations.  None.  Expect nothing.  Then you are totally surprised when someone says, "Happy Birthday!", or if you receive a gift it is so exciting because you didn't expect anything.

My day did not start off well.  I woke up with a cold.  A sit your bum on the couch all day cold, but I have the sweetest children.  They woke up and greeted me with birthday wishes, snuggled up on the couch with me, and made me hot tea.  That made my day all the more special even though I didn't feel well.  I got some of the most beautiful hand drawn birthday cards, and kept getting tucked in and handed items I needed throughout the day.

I did receive some beautiful gifts.  My father bought me the most perfect Dutch Oven.  I have never had one and had dreamed of having one some day.  I have such good ideas to fill it with stews, roasted foods, and even bread. I've always wanted to try the bread you bake in the dutch oven.

My love and the kids bought me the most lovely measuring scoops and some glass jars to store some of our kitchen staples in.  I love them also.  I'm pretty easy to please.  I love them so much I can not figure out exactly what I want to put in them. I have bags of oats that need stored properly, flour, and sugar.

I started knitting a new hat on my birthday for myself.  It really was the perfect way to spend the day.

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