Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OH! There you are...

Psst... winter. I am secretly in love with you. Well, not the blowing, freezing snot in your nose cold. Your snow... Your big wet heavy flakes, your light flakes that fall like fairies floating in the wind, your little balls of ice snow delivered to my house right from the lake.

I love the way we have a two foot tall snow path from the drive to the back door. Next year my love is thinking about snow blowing a curved path or a labyrinth, and why not have fun with snow that sticks around for months and months.


We are currently waiting for another round of snow at least six inches in just a few hours... it's like waiting for Santa here. They can never predict how much how fast it will fall here. The last storm was supposed to be 7 inches and it was 14 inches. We are all excited because Spring Break is next week and with three or more feet of fresh snow it looks like we will finally get out the snow shoes and get to hike out at the lake.

I think I'll put the kettle on and bake some muffins while I wait.

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