Sunday, May 20, 2012

Clay and Home Improvements


I've been having some tag along children to my clay studio time at the Arts Center and have been instructing them on the basics of throwing. My youngest is in love with clay, me too.

As expected with the end of my Love's semester the work on our daughter's room and the laundry room that were damaged by a water leak was slow. I did manage to get insulation around the window cavities and all the drywall up in the closet and this little spot under the heat register.

This is what the wood floors looked like after we took off the laminate floor that was on top.



After the first sanding, three more sandings to follow.  We could not believe how beautiful they are!


They are not perfect floors. They are 111 year old floors! We unearthed 100 years of dirt, ink spills, some bug damage,and we have some little spots of paint left, although most of it came up. My Love was so awesome and got the hang of this new machine very quickly. We thought of taking turns but the learning curve is involved and it seemed safer for him just to finish. It only took four hours to finish the field of her room which is about 12 x 12.

Today we will tackle the edge sander and then we will speed ahead with our waterbased poly. There has been some debate in the house as to whether or not to stain. I'm for the all natural, others want it darkened up a bit.

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Tara said...

Those floors are gorgeous! As always, impressed by how much you guys get done!