Thursday, April 25, 2013


I think spring is finally on the way!
We have 60's forecasted for the next three days.
That means projects galore!
Plastic coming off windows. Windows flung open, even though it's hardly 50 degree's! Furniture re- arranged for summer breezes. Luckily for me it means a remodel of our upstairs kitchen into a clay studio.

I love that door, it really needs to be red though.
So since I'm not very good at before pictures here goes. There is a little work that has to be done on the actual room. So ceiling patching and painting. Besides that I need the ahem weather to cooperate so I can dig out my pottery wheel out of the shed. That is going to need some loving because it is currently in pieces. Then I will have to make the call to order clay myself and pay the astronomical shipping (ever try shipping 500 pounds of something?) or driving the six hours to pick up the order and the family having fun on the way. That would mean it would actually cost more to get the clay home but be way more fun!

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Jennifer said...

What a great space! I vote for road trip to pick up the clay...if that helps. :p