Monday, April 08, 2013


Our baby tomatoes are looking good! We just transplanted them into bigger pots and very soon I will have to raise the lights over them.  The Cabbage also looks awesome, lettuce and kale not so much. We learned not try to start seeds in toilet paper tubes.  They all looked sickly and I threw them away. I am itching to get going in the garden, which has a LOT of work left just to get it ready for planting. Like building a new raised bed and clearing rocks to make new beds.  None of which can be done because we still have over three feet of snow in the garden!  

It did melt enough that we found the peach tree!  It had be covered by snow for about a month.  It is leaning over quite a bit so my Youngest helped it out a little to stand more upright.  It already has some little buds on it.  Come on Spring!

Instead this is what we get today. More snow, giant, fluffy, pretty flakes! It snowed four more inches this weekend and so far today we have two more. Our forecast isn't promising either. Out of the 10 day forecast 5 of those include snow and not a single temperature over 40. Hard to believe my Love with be on summer break in five weeks.

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