Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Preparing for temporary move back to old Scatterville

W and Sukie
Yes school is almost over, YES! The down side is that we must really work hard to finish up that old house. It's so close yet we are so unmotivated. So after school is done and K is done with her soccer games we'll be moving back to try to finish it. We hope it will only take a month but it may take longer. At least we have the summer to finish it.

Bummers about being there and not here? The strawberries....the cherries....the raspberries... I hope the birds enjoy them for us. The nurture them and they provide with with bug eating and sweet songs.

So the list begins. What do we have to have? Sheets, towels, washing machine! Oh yeah, we are not going without a washing machine this time. We have two and our "good" one is very light weight so it's going back with us. Instead of moving the hefty dryer we are investing the a sunshine dryer, better known as a clothesline. Why not?

Pots, pans, just one of each. It is suprising the little amount of things you really need to live with three children. Why do we collect so many things? The Garage sale is finding more and more things as I realized that "things" are over taking my life, just because I may need them some time.

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