Sunday, April 22, 2007


K with her soccer ball.
K playing soccer on Saturday, she's loving it.

I'm learning some simplicity around here this week. We are preparing to have a garage sale as we never had one when we moved here because the town we lived in only had 300 people, not great for sucesssful garage sales. Around here rummage sales are great. So the simplicity involves going through our sheets, blankets and books to start with. As I was wrestling the huge mound of sheets and things in the basement I realized that we really do not need to hold on to all those old sheets we had. So have a huge tub of sheets to sell. I am keeping only one nice flannel sheet per bed and one nice regular set. In our house that is still a lot of sheets but the laundry never gets done around here and I think it is because we have more things to wash then we will ever use.

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