Monday, April 02, 2012

It was Spring, now it's back to blah.

We were duped.  We all thought that spring was on the way.  And it is really.  The Crocus tell us that and the trees just starting to bud, but after that week of glorious 70's were got spoiled.  The uppper 40's feel cold and gloomy.  We are not motivated to work on making a garden despite the deadline of May 4th for getting trees and strawberries and raspberries.

We have been slowly moving rocks from our backyard to the spot by the kitchen door where the garden will be.  It's hard back breaking work, and my back is not up for it this.


In the house I am wrapping up the "ugly" hallway and hope to have pictures soon.  I have one more bump to smooth out and I need to figure out what to do with the floors.

My love made the mistake a few weeks ago in the laundry room.  I've been ticked at that little room since we got here.  When you open the dryer it hits the wall across from it making it hard to get laundry in and out of the dryer.  I can get only one laundry basket in the area and it rubs the walls as I move it in and out.  So his mistake?

He told me he didn't think that the bump out in the wall needed to be that big. (I've been telling him for months that it is a hollow wall.)
• back story•  Our home has plaster walls with drywall up over the plaster walls.  So we can tell by thumping them if they are original walls or not.

Well I heard this, " You should knock down that wall and see what's back there." Since I'm the one who usually does the drywall and the also the one who tapes and mud I give myself permission to do random stuff like this.


So I cut a little hole.  It was hollow. I could not figure out what was in the wall so I made it bigger.  The boys thought that this exploring of the walls was so exciting.  Me too.

Well here's what we found.


A window!  This is the very center of the house, a brick house with all matching windows so we know it wasn't added on it.  The only thing that I can think of is that since it was built in 1900 when there was little electricity (especially in this area) that this window allowed light to come from the dining room to the butlers pantry.

We knew the duct was there and we are happy it is small. Now the problem is what do we do with this area?  I know we want to open it  up and we will but do we show the window or not?  We can not move the duct since it is the only return from the second floor.  There is also drywall covering the window in the dining room. hmmm...

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Tara said...

What an interesting find and conundrum about what to do with the window! Derek says, "Looks like someone else didn't know what to do with it either." LOL!