Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Plumbing problems

We've made careful considerations for what we would demo and restore in this house.  The main bathroom is first because of water issues and tiles set on drywall. The kitchen? Maybe.

It had never entered my mind to work on my daughters room or the laundry room but that is exactly what is next due to a leaking water line in the wall of our laundry room.  It was spraying water directly onto my daughters closet and it had soaked the wood joists, and wood floor and wicked it's way up into the plaster.   This might have been okay, however there is drywall placed OVER the plaster so now we have a big wet mess.


This was before we were finishing tearing out wet stuff. 

New plumbing ran and big fans put on all of it to dry it out.

My daughter's room.


On the plus side there are 100 year old wood floors under that laminate.  However it is wet. :(



Luckily we live in a four bedroom house so we moved all of my daughter's things up stairs into the youngest's room and he moved over to bunk up with his big brother in the bunk beds.  I told the kids to shoot for about 2 weeks living like this.  A week to make sure everything is dried up and another week to hang the drywall back and paint and seal the wood floors.  I have a feeling it will be longer.  Maybe a week longer?  We are so lucky that my love will be wrapped up with school in the next two weeks and his schedule will open up a little more because it is overwhelming to me at the moment, but as a team we can do this.

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