Saturday, April 21, 2012

The wait




As we wait to make sure the floors and walls are completely dry we are thinking about our next step. We had originally thought we would paint the wood floors and I've been pintresting many very nice painted floors.  However we pulled up the rest of the laminate flooring and discovered the majority of the room may have never been painted at all.  They had a really big rug in here.

After researching the steps to paint a floor the right way, which involves many coats of paint left to dry over night and then a coat of poly, it came to me that it might be much quicker just to sand and poly the floor.  We have done this before and the great thing about water based poly is that you can get all three coats on in one REALLY long day.  So for now that is the next step after the waiting.

The laundry room is another beast altogether.


Please please ignore the mess.  It became very obvious to us that the shelf we put in does not function.  Well here is the opportunity to fix this room.  So the plan here is to get some sort of water resistant flooring like the newer vinyl wood planks. There are two layers of vinyl tile in here and we don't plan on prying it up and releasing whatever may lurk below.

The mysterious wall with a window inside will be opened up and possibly closed back up at a much smaller rate so that the dryer door can open all the way.  The shelving will go and replaced with something so much more functional. 


This makes digging out a garden out of the rock back yard like a easy chore.

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