Thursday, March 21, 2013

Clay Studio

I have been spending my mornings in such a creative whirlwind lately.  Most of it is just in my mind as I watch the snow outside.  I feel like I need to be up and  making before the kids are awake.  Since I am using the Clay Co-Op for my studio that is not going to happen.  So instead there is planning, lots of planning going on.
I love this layout, very simple, small and efficient. This would fit in our upstairs kitchen perfectly.
This is totally how we are going to fix up the sink because you don't want pounds of liquid clay running down your sink.

Now for the roadblocks. We live in the middle of nowhere.  It takes a lot of money to have clay shipped to me.  It doubles the price of it because let's face it, clay is heavy and it usually has to come by big truck.  So that means driving somewhere to pick it up (6 hours away) or finding someone locally who is buying clay and becoming their bestest buddy. 

The next issue is that while I do own a wheel and a kiln both are in my shed which is snowed in to the roof. Plus they are both in pieces. The wheel I took apart a few years ago to "fix" and it's still in pieces. The kiln didn't make the move well and has a cracked lid and some broken elements. Both can be fixed. Then I need some power to the kiln and it won't be living in the house so that needs to be wired in our mudroom.

So this is what I do instead, plan, and wait for spring.

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