Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lesson learned

This week we learned that we need to keep the path dug out to the shed OR we need to build a door from the house to the shed. My love and I both want things out of the shed. I want my pottery wheel which lay in pieces to fix and my Love wants his chop saw to cut trim. My man even tried to dig out the shed the other day. He made some steps up in the snow because it is 3 or more feet up from the walk to the snowpack top. Then he pounded down a path for the saw to travel once freed. Then he started digging. The shed is buried. There is about six feet in front of it. Some is from drifts from a recent blizzard, some from the roof of the shed being shoveled off. He got about 3 feet down but alas he still had 3 feet to go. So we will just have to wait for spring to melt the snow away. Of coarse the forecast for the next two days? Snow. Up to two feet more.

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