Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Weekend

We decided Saturday to load up the kids and head on an adventure to Dallas. Armed with Harry Potter on CD we drove over to Lula B's and found it to be a fabulous antique store dealing mostly with midcentury things. We did find the perfect couch
but it was much to much money for it's condition. We could have bought a new one for that amount. Still lovely. Next we piled in again and headed up the road to two Vespa Shops. R drooled over them and if I had not been there, I suppose he would have put a deposit on one that day! (see me rolling my eyes!) Luckily for him I was and said, "Yes dear, those are very nice. No."

We then found our way to the shopping area that had an Urban Outfitters and tried out a couch we have had our eye on.
It wasn't anything to write home to for comfort and the price is still not dirt cheap. We also went over to West Elm across the street, the kids kept commenting that it looked like IKEA really really LOUD. It was not priced like Ikea. Then we sat on a sofa and the kids slipped the cushions off the couch faster then you can say, "What are you doing?" So this couch would not work for us.

We also found a Whole Earth Provision Company that was totally cool. Way cool clothes, shoes... oh I could drool all day over the shoes. Keens, Crocs, Tevas, all those great rugged sporty shoes. They even had live butterflies in their store and the really cool thing was they allowed dogs in their store. It was neat to see a lady in the womens section browsing clothes with her yellow lab.

Sunday was father's day. Now we do not go all out for any holiday other then Halloween, Christmas and birthdays. Dad wanted some raspberry filled donuts. K and W got sprinkles.

after our donuts and coffee, K,W and I went outside to work on some projects before it got hot. We found from my little experiment that the airconditioner puts out about two gallons of condensation water a day.
The two of them quickly got to work putting the water on the garden. I hope to be able to rig the hose to go directly from where it comes out now to the garden itself. I need another hose!

Next on the list was the compost pile. We currently do not have one but instead had a big leaf pile from the fall that now is the big leaf and stick pile. Sticks do not help in composting.

So we spent the morning pulling the sticks out of the pile until it got to hot. Most work is to be done on this, this week.

Inside the kids decide to make playdough at a little center I set up just for them, it has all the supplies they need and they know how to fix it.

it's always lovely to have an activity that they can do all on their own.

We rounded out father's day with grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade onion rings. Then a quick jot to the store to get R some Blue Bell Key Lime Pie Icecream. Yummy.

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Amanda said...

So nice to have you back in the blogging world. i love reading about your life and the kids. It helps me feel like we are more normal than we are!

Love you!