Friday, June 13, 2008

What I did this week

I was looking at the blog Farm Dreams and she is posting weekly her goals and what she had done for Indendence Day Challenge. I really liked it but since my garden is so little and our storage situation bad (No basement or garage), I am not likely to start this challenge. However reading it made me probe myself, and what things would I like to try to do every week. I do have a list, so here it goes:

1. Make something-
This could be something from fabric, clay, wood, anything.

2. Plant, Harvest or Grow-
I hope to continue to plant, it's hot here right now and not a good time to plant. However in
another month or two we start a second planting of summer things.

3. Do something good for the enviroment-
We recycle every week, but we do not have a compost bin yet. I would also would like to find a
cheap way to recycle rain water (we have no gutters) and use the water on the garden.

4. Exercise-
I lack it.

So here is what I did this week:

1. Make something:

I made myself a skirt that looks hideous. Not the patterns fault but my big booty's fault.
Then K pointed out I owed her a few skirts so I whipped this up for her in an hour and half. She timed me. Complete with headband. She loves it and has worn it a few days in a row now.

Here she is again with Marshmellow

2. Plant

I planted four sweet pepper plants and a jalapeno this week. However after a week of them being in the garden at full sunlight, they look sun scorched. I did plant one in a pot on the back patio sitting along side a tomato and believe it or not the tomato and the pepper are doing a TON better then the rest of the garden. I guess there is to MUCH heat and sun down here. I wonder how many pots I can put on my porch next year?

3. Something for the Enviroment
I didn't do anything. However I have figured out a way to put a hose attachment on our air conditioner condenser thing and use that water in the soaker hose. (Our air system has a pump that will kick on after the air is done and pumps out the condensation into our yard.) It soaks one area of the yard and actually puts out quite a bit of water in the summer. I also want to set up our compost bin this weekend, but the heat may have us staying in. 90's again.

4. Exercise
I walked for three hours at the zoo on Monday but not much beyond that.

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Amanda said...

Good for you!! I love the dress and K looks so grown up! I remember her as a little girl!