Thursday, August 25, 2011

More New House Tour

What will be our Master Bedroom

We wanted to have our bedroom on the main level and leave the top floor a kid only floor. So we had the choice of the "office" which doesn't have a door or a light, but does have the bathroom in it. Our other choice is this bedroom right off the kitchen. It's about the same size, has no overhead light but does have a light switch with a plug that is attached. It is pink. Normally I would say that pink is my least favorite color, but that salmon color is way worse.

Upstairs we have the kids:
The Youngest
Blue Bedroom
Blue bedroom
This is the only bedroom with original moldings. Love them.

The Oldest
Green room
This room will be for my oldest, however we have to put the wall back together where they opened it up to make a suite.

Daughers room
The daughter's new room is the back room. The room in the foreground will be the Oldest's room. Her room used to open into the hallway upstairs by the bathroom but they put a wall up and made a closet there. We will be tearing that down and making it her doorway again.

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