Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our New House

We moved to the UP. We are now Yoopers. We are so excited, not only that we get to see nature, daily! But the outdoors here is part of life. There are bike lanes all over the town, hiking/crosscountry skiing trails, a downhill ski hill across the canal. And the Canal! Oh My, I am in love. Everyday the canal looks different. It's a different color, the water is calm, it is choppy, it is coming from one direction or the other, but it is never the same. I supposed that will change this winter when it's just ice but I don't know if that will change how I feel about it.
Our favorite thing is it's a 15 minute drive from Lake Superior. It feels like the Ocean only colder and much cleaner.

We found our new house on a whirlwind trip around the two towns here looking at 9 houses in two hours. We knew we wanted four bedrooms and at least two bathrooms so that limited our house choices. We also wanted an older home that needed a little love. That part is not hard to find since most of the homes in the area were built during the mining boom from 1900 to 1925. We saw a couple that would work but we all voted and this was the winner.

Outside front

I would love to say that the empty lot is ours and I will be gardening in it, but it is the neighboors. We do have about a four foot sliver along the drive that I hope to put some raised beds in next spring.



I love having an entryway. We have already figured out however that we believe it opened into the office and the closet is not original.

Entryway 2

The Salmon Color has got to go though! And it is everywhere, not just the entryway.

Dining room

Also in the Dining room, and the Living room,
Living room

and the office


So our first order of business is to get rid of this orangy salmon color. This color makes me feel so cranky!

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