Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Want your house to smell good?

Fall is trying to push it's way in already here. The lows at night have been in the 50's and we are forecast to have 40's next week. That means it's cool enough in the house in the morning to turn on the oven and bake!

Now you have all seem my range. This is cheapest made range I've ever owned. There is no window to see your stuff baking. I can live with that. I can not really live without an oven light. It's dark in there! The whole thing gets extremely hot to the touch. It will replaced shortly. I will not mourn it's passing on to the Habitat Re-Store.

Back to Our Granola. Yum. Here's the recipe:

These are my instructions. Today's batch had no raisins or sunflower seeds. You can take away or add as you like. Want to use sweetend coconut go for it, craisins, yum. I don't suggest you use quick oats however.

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