Monday, November 21, 2011


I worked on the entry this weekend, along with starting on our studio. We are itching to get to work, sewing and drawing in there. We are quite happy had the entry way turned out! There is so much more room for coats now! Plus boot trays! Which are full.

I love that this cost us so little. The only things I needed to buy were the folding clothes drying rack and the boot trays. I repurposed a shelf from the previous owners and painted it along with a 2x4 left over from some other project. We had the hooks as I had the foresight to buy extra at Ikea before we moved. Can you ever have too many hooks? I'm out now so if you live by Ikea send more please.

I mounted the drying rack right above our heater vent and it's enough to dry out most of gloves depending on how wet children have gotten them.

Now we just need to sand, prime and paint the floor and stairs and it will be completed for now.

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