Thursday, November 17, 2011

First snow

We had our first snow. Before the snow even flew I found my dream of the mudroom off the kitchen was not going to work. I forgot something as simple as heat. There is no heat in there. Not only that there are two broken windows under a board, a door, and a dog door, so I don't think we want to store our frozen coats there.


This is not working for me either. There are no boot trays and boots make wet floors. Not to mention the mess of mittens, hats and such. I have a plan and am working on it. The same room is a mess visually because of the stairs also. We removed the carpet on the stairs and are left with stairs with soul, but they are crying to be loved.

Stairs uncovered

I feel like I am starting a never ending battle with snow, melt, wet, drying gloves, hats etc. We are all learning very quickly about life up here in the Yooper. They really do feel like it's not a proper snow unless it's over 6 inches. We were told after the first snow that it might indeed be the last snow you can build snowmen with. Today we found the new fresh 4 inches to be very light and powdery, which makes easy shoveling off of the upper deck. Not to mention the beautiful view.


We were hoping that we would have a canal view in the winter and we do indeed. You can see it from both the upstairs, and the office on the main floor. A bonus we have found is that you can also get a peek a boo view of the ski hill too.


Enjoy the rest of your week, I am enjoying the white out right now from the office window.

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