Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We really lucked out this week. I have been planning a kitchen remodel that we keep putting off and have already picked out a range and new fridge. So the other day after fighting with my cheapskate range I decided to pull up the one I had picked out on the internet and drool over it. I was just floored when I saw it was on sale for $300 off! A quick, can we buy it? And it was ordered. It arrived two days later and unlike the last range we installed where it took us a month to get the electrical rewired, all I had to do was move the cord from the old one to the new one. And an hour later we were making biscuits!

I came back into the room to check on how they were cooking with the convection on and this is what I saw, so I went to grab my camera. He was camped out in front of it watching it like it was the best tv show ever.

I guess compared to the last range where there was no window in the door or light this was exciting. I am excited that the range has a timer! I know little things! But now I don't have to go all over the house looking for my little digital timer that always seems to wander off. The little things, like bottoms of biscuits that aren't burnt are wonderful.

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