Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Start of Winter

We think this must be the start of winter. The 8 inches of snow are not the first hint, we imagine with an average of 300 inches that's just the beginning. No the hint was that they started making snow of the ski hill yesterday. To see those puffs of snow coming out just brought excitement that soon we will get to strap on snowboards and go.

We are learning and watching from the neighbors how to pull off this winter thing. I've watched several neighbors pull out their snow blowers and start them up. My favorite thing is to see all the homemade ways they use for protecting the bushes and small trees from heavy snow. It can be a simple as tying the bush together like you would bag up a Christmas tree. There are some lovely wooden tee-pee's that look like they have been dragged out every winter to protect precious rose bushes.

The first thing we knew we had to purchase was a Yooper Scooper. This is a very large metal scoop that you just push through this fluffy white stuff and fling into your yard. We haven't gotten the technique quite down but it does clear a large amount of snow quickly.

The only issue we have had so far is with our cat.
He is usually a calm, loving cat. Since we have moved here and gotten a new kitten he has gotten increasing more grumpy. He also has been spending most of his time outside. That all changed last week with the first four inches of snow. He still insists on going out at least once a day but now instead of trekking out to find squirrels and chipmunks to torment, he goes on his super quick route and back in within 15 minutes. His new routine is to go off the front porch, under the car and back to the back porch where he curls up into a ball and puffs himself out.

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