Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bathroom remodel

I feel like we have been stuck in the bathroom forever.  I guess that is why I was dreading it for the last year and half. Untitled

We ran into a little problem.  The shower head was in the wrong place and we had to call the plumber to come back out and move it up.  I finally got all the drywall up and patched and sanded. We celebrated by starting the floors.  The plan was to rip out the 2 layers of vinyl and then put down the new vinyl tiles on top of the 1/2 inch subfloor that was there.  Once the old floor was pulled however we noticed that the subfloor was in bad shape. It looked like the toilet had some issues and leaked.  That meant removing the plywood and while the person that installed the drywall skimped on screws.  The person who put down the floor was a strong believer in screws every four inches.


Our youngest came to help having done this job before and this time he came armed.  A strong magnet from his collection.  He would run it over the floor and it would stop at any screws covered by wood putty.  It worked so well that while it took most of a day to free the plywood it was much quicker then the hallway we did that same thing in.


Now we are back to the original boards and they are pretty rough shape.  Solid, but lots of gaps for a bathroom.  The new plan is to place 1/4 inch subfloor down and then place the new tiles down.

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