Thursday, September 08, 2011

House Tour

On the main floor
The Kitchen
Our kitchen is so tiny. The fridge is tiny. This was a vacation home, not a home with 3 growing kids. I see a new kitchen in our future but for now we are going to have to make it work.

The Laundry Room
I had to laugh when I uploaded this picture because my laundry room has not looked like this since the day we took ownership of the house. Mine is always full of dirty laundry, LOTS of dirty laundry. The number one thing that bugs me about this room is that the kitchen is tiny and there is no storage, this room being in the kitchen would be the best place to store all those appliances you don't use often. BUT there are NO shelves! So shelves are on the TO DO list.

This rooms paint is not the green color that appears, my daughter calls it baby poop color, and really it is. I have not even thought of painting yet since we need to get the bedroom walls finished so everyone can move into their own rooms. This will be where the second TV will be kept with the gaming systems, and most of our books.

The New Studio is right off the Library. It was a second mini kitchen (the same size as the main kitchen) but we already donated the little stove,extra fridge,and the table. We will use it for an art and sewing studio when we finally get unpacked. The sink will be perfect for this!
Or for keeping kittens occupied.

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