Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello... I've missed you.

I would love to post more but my love took my camera up to work, and I've been sick with a cold this week, so we have not moved from the house. No projects have been done, and although we did escape last Sunday to drive to the Lake for my love to see the leaves changing, we forgot the camera.

I have been spending a ton of time planning, drawing, redrawing, erasing, starting over, changing and staring off into space over a big kitchen update. The kitchen that came with this house has 1 usable lower cabinet and 2 upper cabinets.
It has the cheapest range you can find, and the cheapest fridge.

This has lead to many problems for me, someone who enjoys cooking several times a day. The oven has no window in it, no light and no real temperature control. It seems to take over 30 minutes to warm up and when it is finally warm enough it burns everything but leaves the middles raw. It's like it turns on and never figures out how to turn off. What is really fun is when you put on a tea kettle, which since it's been getting down into the 40's and we've been battling colds, has been frequently. So I get the kettle whistling and move it from the back burner up to the front. When I do this the whole top of the stove pops up from the expansion of the metal due to the heat. It is crazy! I've never seen a stove with so much movement, it's like one of those metal popper toys. Only it's much much bigger.

The fridge... this was a vacation home, and the fridge is the size of one. I think I am taller then the fridge. I'm very short. The fridge has wire racks. I hate wire racks. Already the door storage area has fallen off three or four times. The storage drawers are not in their tracks either. There is not enough room in it for a weeks worth of food, which means I go to the store more often. I hate going to the store. I'd rather be cleaning my toilet then going to the store. Really. I hate it that much.

So the immediate plans are to redo the kitchen. I really was not wanting to use IKEA cabinets again. I've done two kitchens with these cabinets and have not gotten to use the kitchen more then a few months. Would that jinx this kitchen too? Actually since we just put in an Ikea kitchen less then six months ago, we are really not in a hurry to do it again, but for the money you just can't get as good as cabinets and let's face it. I am in love with Ikea base cabinets with the huge big drawers. I love drawers in the lower cabinets.

So I'm doing the dreaming and planning and my love does the veto's and tries to talk me into spending more then I want to. He is so picky. You can
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I hope to get my camera back today and my energy level is slowing coming back. I'll see you all next week with pictures of the finished bedrooms upstairs.

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