Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The most amazing sunsets

Our seasons are really starting to change here, we had our first frost already and I have been watching the trees across the canal change color daily. We have also had the most amazing sunsets. They really do take your breathe away, and I feel honored to be able to watch them every night.



The changing of the temperatures have brought a new sense of scrambling here. We had to hurry and install a dog door in the kitchen door so that we could close it to the unheated mudroom. The heating system here needs ducts opened, sealed up and figured out which ones work and which ones don't. We haven't even begun to think about which windows need caulked or where insulation needs to be tucked in. I am hoping that we have at least four more weeks before it snows.

The biggest change for us is going to be getting used to colder temperatures. My kids have forgotten South Dakota, and wool socks, sweat shirts and pants. Instead the walk around in true Texas fashion in their shorts and a blanket thrown over their shoulders. It seems every morning the last few days I have had to remind them to go put on more clothes. Along with clothes the thermostat will be changing here. Gas is quite a bit more to be delivered to a rural location and I have heard that it's not unusual to have over $400 a month in gas bills. Since we are not sure where we will land we have been keeping the heat as low as we can. That is not very low for northerners (63 during the day, 60 at night) but when your used to 70-67 it is a good change. We hope to work our way lower throughout the winter. I know our friends in Texas are shivering just thinking about it.

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