Monday, September 19, 2011

Walking the town

Our car had a problem last week and it was not drivable. That meant we had a week with no car. That was a huge problem in our last house, but here it was really not that big of deal, once I got over the shock of it. The thought of being stuck in the house for a week made us get creative.

First we moved here to get active, second it is not hot here. We walked the mile to the library to return books, and on the way took pictures of our town to share.
The canal at the end of the block.

We were not thinking about the hike back up the hill afterwards though and we ended up sharing backpack duty. We must have had 25 pounds of books in it.
We can see the ski hill the closer we get to the library.

The next day we were running very low on food so when my love got home from work we grabbed the wagon and headed to the grocery store. It is a half a mile up the hill which meant an empty wagon up the hill, a full one down. It was quite an easy walk and we all felt better after getting out and walking so much.
Some of the lots in town are empty and filled with boulders. We have one just like this in the basement.

We repeated that process several times, to the flea market, the feed store, Walmart (which was over a mile away), and finally we got the car back. Hurrah!

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Tara said...

It looks so wonderful there! What a lovely place.