Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mine tour

We took a mine tour last weekend,
It was really neat to see into the mining lives of the local copper miner especially since the houses on our block are mining houses.

We started in the Shaft Hoist House. This giant wheel is what pulled not only the copper ore to the surface but also the miners themselves. It was quite impressive that there were 96 levels to this mine and I can not imagine riding a wooden sled down all those levels pulled up and down by a guy operating this.
Hardhats, they are all the rage.

We then moved outside to the cog tram and rode it down the hill to the entrance that was opened up in the 1970's. The tram ride was fun but slow.


In the mine. My love was quite relieved to see that you could see the some outside light.

An ore cart. It never occurred to me it would be so hard to take pictures underground. The flash liked to bounce of the closest object but not light the further objects. Lesson learned.

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