Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Doesn't this bother you?

You would think that being Valentines Day I would have some mushy lovely thing. Well if you knew me you'd know I probably wouldn't.
Instead I'm going to show you some old plaster and how my love shows me "the love" everyday.


It was the begining of September that we finally got the 2x4 framing out of the new/original hallway to the front bedroom.


We've been living with these bare plaster walls. While I love the look of old plaster walls, it is not possible to save these. There are huge chunks missing.

Old plaster



Every time I walked by these I hated it. Plus they were crumbling. Pieces falling off every time you bump them with the laundry basket. But I avoid the upstairs for the most part of the day so it was not really on the top of my To DO List. Well this weekend I decided I had enough.

I pulled the rest of the five pieces of drywall off one little wall that was already sheet rocked badly. Really? Five pieces on a 3 ft by 9 foot area?
I would like to say that I can do projects like this all by myself but in typical "me" style it goes like this.

I pull off two sheets all by myself in my slippers no less. Then on the very top one balanced on my little ladder I try to pull off the last piece and almost fall off my ladder. This leads to me yelling, "HONEY!" "HELP, I almost fell off my ladder!"

My love trudged up the stairs. Usually he has no idea what I have been doing (He's been happily watching cartoons most likely with the kids!). This weekend he come up and says something like, "What are you doing?" "WHY?"

So this is where I explain to him how looking at these crumbling plaster walls was just making me feel all icky inside. That every time I walk by them I think about how long ago it was that we took down the wall and it is still not finished. What doesn't make me feel better is that this hallway is half green and half that salmon color that I absolutely can't stand. Seriously, the whole house was that color and this is the only little bit of it left! So I ask him, "Doesn't this bother you?"


Being the wonderful partner of mine however, he holds up the drywall so I can put the screws in place, then we switch places and in less than 30 minutes we have most of the plaster drywalled over.  We ran out of the right thickness of drywall and will need to make a trip to the lumber yard.

In normal places we have lived that would just mean jumping in the car and picking up another piece but we live in the middle of the wilderness. (In a town in the middle of the wilderness, I mean it, the whole of Michigan considers the Upper Peninsula to be a vast wilderness.) The lumber yards aren't open on Sunday.  Or most of Saturday for that matter. So that means it will be another few months until we actually finish this project unless the priority is moved up to the top of the (imaginary) list and we manage to get up and out before noon on Saturday.

This is only one of the many reasons why I love my man. He can step into any mess that I have made and fix it up. He hardly ever complains about it and is always up for the task.

Love you HONEY!

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