Friday, February 03, 2012

Little Mobile


My kids got these little planes at the local bowling alley as prizes for the gaming area.  They are cute and fly really well, but when we brought home a stash of over 10 I had a thought.  Well a thought besides, "Great, I'll be taking all these destroyed planes out of the mouth of the dog."  What if we hung them in a grouping for a mobile.


A few months later with a new set of planes, my youngest and I got to work.  I did in fact remove several from the dogs mouth from the previous set. This was so easy to do, and would be really cool in a boys room by the window.  Ours are a corner of our studio.  We took some fishing line cut at various lengths, punched a little hole in the top of the plane and tied the line there and then I tied a knot around a white thumbtack and stuck in the ceiling.

The kitten is fascinated by it! Everyone in the family loves to walk by them and see them move.

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