Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter? Where are you?

Snow layers


Knitting on ice

We have been waiting and waiting for you to come Winter. It hasn't snowed in a week and even then it was just a dusting. They came by this week and cleared the snow banks on the sides of the road and now the streets are about eight feet wider. They left the very interesting strata layer of snow and melt.

We have been struggling with Winter this year. It doesn't seem to want to get under the freezing mark and we are very short on snow. The kids got ice skates and are taking lessons and we are so lucky to have an outdoor rink just a block away from our house, however it has been closed most of the days since we got the skates. It's just to warm and the ice is wet, very wet. We have gotten in a couple of days though and the kids love it.

I tucked my knitting into my pocket before we went. I will knit a new hat for me this winter. Do you hear that WINTER? (Please I need time, because I frogged the one above.) It was slightly cold out so next time I need to bring gloves. Can you knit in gloves? I don't think I've ever tried.

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Tara said...

Well, Winter is sure not here! It's like fall turned right into spring. I keep thinking that Winter is lurking around the corner and plans to jump out and surprise us as soon as we give up on her ever coming...